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Ukrainian civil war stats: Every seventh dead in ATO is self-killer

Photo: 3mv.ru

According to an official data by Kiev, since the beginning of the Anti-Terror Operation (ATO) in Donbass, 3,800 military men have been killed, Ukrainian Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios has posted in Facebook.

“Since the beginning of the ATO, the status of combatant was granted to almost 326,000 people; 8,489 of them were injured, 3,784 were killed, at least 554 committed suicide,” he noted.

According to him, military prosecutors revealed that in 2018 no centralized psychological assistance was rendered to combatants, as there are no regulating documents.

“Truly speaking, I guessed that the results would not be brilliant, but I certainly did not expect that the things are so bad,” Matios concluded.

Even though the figures cited by the chief military prosecutor look understated, they do cause an impression. It turns out that every seventh participant of the ATO is a self-killer. At the same time, the statistics does not reveal human losses caused by internal conflicts constantly reported by the Donetsk military.

As early as in December 2017, Deputy Commander of the DPR Eduard Basurin said that all Ukrainian losses then were due to “only internal confrontations, the DPR army even did not try to interfere.”

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