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Pashinyan ready to become people’s candidate to prime minister

Photo: armeniasputnik.am

The only way to achieve normal life in Armenia is to appoint to the prime minister’s post a candidate that will be nominated by the people, the leader if the protest movement Nikol Pashinyan has announced, reports Sputnik. Pashinyan said he is ready to take this post, if the people charge him with such responsibility.

“Most probably, this will happen,” he said stressing that no one from the Republican Party can be such candidate, including acting prime minister Karen Karapetyan. The opposition leader noted that he is supported by 90% of the electorate. Snap elections to the Armenian parliament are to be held in one or two months.

Earlier, Nikol Pashinyan stated that he finds important to develop the Armenia-Russia relations. According to him, Armenia and Russia are connected with friendly and brotherly relations, and no person in the Armenian leadership would ever say the opposite. The relations are not free from problems, but these problems can be solved, Pashinyan said.

The leader of the Velvet Revolution also warned that the power of the Republican Party in Armenia has come to an end and all attempts to revive it or take the victory away from the people are doomed to failure.

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