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Moldovan parliament asks US Congress for support in Transnistrian issue

Speaker of Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu says the US Congress is ready to pass a resolution to support Moldova’s accession to the European Union and to demand withdrawal of the Russian troops from Transnistria.

While in Washington, Candu met with a group of congressmen and discussed the current political situation in the region. After consultations, Candu said the resolution is very likely to be passed by the Congress.

The resolution in support of Moldovan government was registered in the US Congress in February 2018. Parliamentarians David Price and Pete Olson urged Russia to withdraw troops from the territory of Transnistrian region of Moldova and refrain from economic threats and pressure on Chisinau. Another provision of the resolution provides for reintegration of Moldova with a special status for Transnistria.

US and EU are observers in the talks between Chisinau and Tiraspol to neutralize Transnistrian conflict, whereas OSCE, Ukraine and Russia are guarantors and mediators. Kiev supports Moldova and offers a corridor for withdrawal of “Russian occupation troops.”

The next meeting on Transnistria in 5+2 format will be held in late May in Rome.

EADaily reported earlier that commenting on Chisinau’s statement comparing Russian peacekeepers with occupants, Transnistrian President Vadim Krasnoselsky said replacement of the format of peacekeeping operation with a civil mission “will spark a new war.”

“The politicians calling for an end of Russia’s military presence and peacekeeping mission in Transnistria are war politicians. If Russian peacekeepers leave us, the conflict will escalate and even grow into military actions,” the president of Transnistria said.

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