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Proponents of joining Romania ready to refuse from Transnistria

Former Romanian president, one of the leaders of the Moldovan Unionists Party of the National Unity (supporters of Moldova joining Romania) Traian Basescu has announced that in case of unification, the eastern border should be lying along the Dniester River.

“The fate of Transnistria, most part of which excluding several settlements is located on the left bank, is to be settled by Ukraine, Russia and Romania through talks,” Basescu said.

The honorary chair of the party specified that Buсharest should not make mistakes made during World War II and adjoin the territories behind the bank.

“Within last 30 years, Chisinau has not succeeded in securing the Moldovan borders. Only re-unification with Romania will help solving this problem, as well as joining NATO,” the Romanian ex-president stressed.

EADaily reported earlier that at the session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bessarabia joining Romania (on March 25, 1918), the Senate called the Moldovan leadership to make the Unionism a national idea. Several Moldovan settlements signed a symbolic Unification Declaration, while supporters of the idea had a 7,000-people march in Chisinau.

President of Moldova Igor Dodon accused members of the government supporting the Unionism of anti-state activities and promised that he would impose a legislative ban on Unionism after winning at the parliamentary elections.

In 2017, Traian Basescu was deprived of the Moldovan citizenship by a presidential decree.

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