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Orban’s Party gets over 49% of votes in Hungary elections

In parliamentary elections held in Hungary, on Sunday, conservative nationalist Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has got 49.2% of votes, with 85 percent of the ballots counted.

Actually, the coalition of Fidesz and Christian-Democratic People’s Party (KNDP) gets 134 seats out of 199 seats in the country’s parliament i.e. two-third of votes in the legislative body. The elections of 2014 brought the coalition 133 votes, according to DW.

In a brief speech to supporters, Orban said: “We have achieved a decisive victory.” The right-wing radical Jobbik party will get 27 seats in the parliament. In 2014, it received 23 seats.

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Orban, whom critics blame for authoritarianism, will head the government of Hungary for the fourth time already (the third time in succession). The 54-year-old political has built his career on nationalist rhetoric: he used to frighten voters with large-scale immigration, painting himself as defender of national sovereignty and “Christian Europe.”

The number of eligible voters in Hungary is 8.8 million. The parliament is elected for a four-year term and entitled to adopt constitution, laws, elect the president, approve the prime minister nominated by the president, as well as approve the state budget.


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