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Polish ministry: heroization of criminals spoils Poland-Ukraine relations

Bartosz Cichocki. Photo: sharij.net

The Ukrainian-Polish relations are spoiled by the continuing heroization in Ukraine of individuals whom Poland sees as criminals, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Bartosz Cichocki has said in an interview to Evropeyska Pravda

As an example, the diplomat cited a story of a Polish nurse who tore away a document of a Ukrainian woman when seeing that she was registered at Bandera Street.

“It shows that Ukraine’s heroization of people whom we consider criminals continues to spoil our relations,” Cichocki continued.

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Meanwhile, nationalistic sentiments continue growing from both sides. As EADaily reported earlier, a week ago, Polish nationalists set on fire portraits of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw.

Yesterday’s night, near the Polish embassy in Kiev, there was a scuffle during which a National Guard officer was spitted in the face and beaten. Kiev police detained two attackers at the scene. The third one managed to flee, however, as RIA Novosti-Ukraine reports, later he was detained by the police.

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