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Ukraine recovers first $3.8mn to its budget from Gazprom

Ukraine’s Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko has told reporters that all the assets that Gazprom had in Ukraine have been recovered from the Russian company to the state budget.

“I can say that the Justice Ministry will levy $6mn more from Gazprom in accordance with a ruling of the Ukrainian court as a fine initiated by the Antitrust Committee. We have recovered some of the sum, that is all Gazprom had in the Ukrainian territory was sequestrated, arrested and levied to the state budget. It is more than 100mn hryvnias that were sent to the Ukrainian budget,” Petrenko is quoted as saying by Ukrinform.

He stressed that the justice ministry will cooperate with colleagues on other rulings to make Russia “pay to the last cent” all the debts it has up to date, specifying the sum is 8.5bn hryvnias.

“There is an instruction of Prime Minister Groysman on it, and we have good perspectives and a good groundwork to implement those rulings not only in Ukraine, but in other countries Ukraine has corresponding agreements with,” the justice minister informed.

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