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Kazakh court sentences terrorists to maximum terms

The trial over terror attack that occurred in Kazakhstan’s Aktobe on June 5 2016 is over. According to local media, seven members of a terrorist group receive life sentences in high security prison, another two were sentenced to 20 years in prison with confiscation of property. 29 appeared before the court, including 9 were charged with committing terror attack, 18 – with concealing the crime and failing to report, and another 2 – with concealing the crime. The organizers of the crime remain beyond the country’s legal reach. Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry disseminated a statement lately saying ISIL (“Islamic State,” IS, Daesh, a terrorist organization banned in Russia) is behind the terror attack in Aktobe, in particular, the Kazakh perpetrators of the terror attack received orders from certain Adnani who is known to be an authoritative member of ISIL.

Another person involved in that crime received a year in a penal settlement. It was the director of the arms store, which the terrorists attacked and seized weapons after killing the guard and seller. The director of the store was convicted for violating the rules of storing weapons, though the relatives of the killed staff made no claims against him.

As EADaily reported earlier, on June 5, an armed group of 25 terrorists attacked arms shops and a military unit in Aktobe. Eight people were killed in skirmishes, including three militaries. The police killed 18 attackers, with another 29 being arrested.

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