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Minsk Agreements: Ukraine’s Armed Forces attempt to break through defense line in Donetsk

On September 14, before the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) head ordered the military not to retaliate, Ukraine’s army tried to break into the defense of the DPR in the north of Donetsk, but the attack was stopped, as the DPR forces retaliated using small arms, according to the Operative Command of DPR.

“At 8:50pm yesterday, prior to announcement of a full ceasefire, the adversary attempted to break through the defense in Avdeyevka populated area and oust the DPR units from the combat positions. However, the adversary was stopped by fire from small arms,” the Command said.

One of the armored vehicles of the adversary was damaged with light anti-tank weapon. Suffering casualties, the Ukrainian units retreated covering the withdrawal with chaotic fire from the second armored vehicle. As a result of the attack, a soldier of the DPR was killed.

On the night on September 13-14, the Ukrainian army launched massive attack on Makeyevka. By the latest data, 15 houses and the local school were damaged. Six civilians were wounded, including two children.

As EADaily reported earlier, the head of the DPR ordered the armed forces of the republic to ensure a full and unconditional ceasefire on the engagement line starting September 15. At present, the conflicting sides in Donbass are observing a regular ceasefire that came into effect on September 1.

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