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First presidential hopeful announced in Moldova

Andrei Năstase

The Dignity and Truth Platform Party has named its leader Andrei Năstase as candidate for the Moldovan presidency. The decision was passed at a meeting of the party National Political Council. It was unanimous.

Leaders of the party insist that “all anti-oligarchic forces should support his candidature.” “The decision is nothing but offering a protest movement to the whole society. All sound forces in our society, all those truly fighting the oligarchic regime, all those wishing good to our people must consider our offer very seriously. Nominating any other candidate would be to the benefit of oligarchs,” one of the party leaders Stanislav Pavlovsky announced when explaining advantages of Nastase’s nomination.

Another leader of the party, Alexander Slusari, stressed that when nominating its candidate, the party was guided by several criteria.

“They are professionalism, incorruptibility, courage and ability to unite the people,” Slusari said.

The leadership of the party announced that Andrei Nastase “was authorized to have talks with other forces.”

Besides, members of the party council believe that simultaneously with the presidential election early parliamentary elections are to take place together with a nationwide constitutional referendum.

“In case provisions of the constitution are not observed and no president is elected within two months after the presidential term expires, the party will increase peaceful pressure. We shall ask the civil society and protesting opposition, regardless of political colors, to take part in protest actions against dictatorship of oligarchs,” Nastase stressed.

Nastase’s partners in the protest movement Igor Dodon and Renato Usatii abstain from commenting the statement. Earlier, they announced they would run for presidency on their own and the Socialists and Our Party would nominate their own candidates to Moldova.

As EADaily reported earlier, on March 4, Moldovan Constitutional Court ruled that the previous norm for presidential election by the parliament was anti-constitutional. This spring, nationwide presidential election is to be held in Moldova.

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Published on March 21st, 2016 05:48 PM
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