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Kremlin explains why it has appointed Boris Gryzlov into Contact Group on Ukraine

The Russian President’s Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has explained why President Vladimir Putin appointed Boris Gryzlov as Special Representative to the Contact Group on Ukraine. “He is expected to strengthen our role in the group,” Peskov said.

According to him, very little has been done so far to have the Minsk agreements carried out. “Gryzlov is permanent member of Russia’s Security Council and is aware of our key policies,” Peskov said.

When asked to comment on his appointment, Gryzlov said that his mission is to speed up the peace process. “Our key goal is to ensure full implementation of the Minsk agreements,” he said.

According to Gryzlov, the only way to stop the civil war in Ukraine is to restore normal life and to ensure protection of the rights of all people living in the country. “We are ready for a dialogue with both conflicting parties as only a compromise can guarantee peace and can give the Ukrainians a chance to solve their social and economic problems.” Gryzlov said.

In 2001-2003, Gryzlov was Russia’s Interior Minister. In 2003-2011, he was Speaker of Russia’s State Duma. Since 2002, he has chaired the Supreme Council of the United Russia party.

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