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Rosaviatsiya links Ukraine’s ban on transit via its territory with risks for the flights

Picture: cs628827.vk.me

Ukraine’s ban on transit flights by Russian planes via its territory may come from security needs, says Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya).

“This may mean that the Ukrainians cannot guarantee the safety of the flights,” Rosaviatsiya says, noting that after the fall of the Malaysian plane near Donetsk, most of Russian air companies refused to fly via Ukraine.

“This ban has no consequence for our air companies and has just proved once again that the Kiev authorities are not constructive in this field. We believe that it is time to stop the ineffective policy of bans and to take steps to restore our contacts in this sector,” Rosaviatsiya says.

Earlier, Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Andriy Pivovarsky told journalists that the country’s national air carrier, Ukraeroruh, might lose 25mn-30mn EUR a year as a result of the ban. “The Russians will lose more as they will have to revise their routes,” he said.

On Nov 26, Ukraine closed its air space for Russian air companies. Until then the sides had been negotiating ways to resume the contacts suspended on Oct 25. Although being the first to ask for the talks, Kiev kept laying increasingly tough terms – like no more flights to Crimea.

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