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Energy crisis flaring up in Tajikistan

Barki Tojik energy holding has disseminated a statement saying that on October 19 and 20, electricity supply to the greatest part of Tajikistan’s territory will be restricted. A steep downfall of the temperature along with the insufficient electricity generation by the Nurek HPP is what caused the electricity deficit.  Barki Tojik says power saving is a least-evil solution necessary for sustainable use of the HPP’s water reserves to avoid even more problems in the autumn-winter season.  The country has shifted to a phased system of power supply - up to 10 hours per day. Only the capital city Dushanbe is so far supplied with electric power for 24-hour.

Power supply restrictions are regular measures in Tajikistan from October through April. The electricity deficit is estimated at 2-2.5 billion kWh for this period of the year. Earlier this month Barki Tojik said electricity export to Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan was stopped. According to official statistics, Tajikistan exports over 1 billion kWh of electricity for about USD35 million for the nine months of the year.

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Published on October 20th, 2015 02:14 PM
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