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Polish nationalists patrolling border with Ukraine: “Find a Banderite and kill him”

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Representatives of the Falanga national-patriotic organization in Poland have started patrolling the Ukrainian-Polish border.

The goal of the action, as the nationalists say, is to prevent penetration of “armed Banderites” from Ukraine’s radical organizations and members of the punitive battalions.  Every day Falanga members are patrolling the border area in their jeeps chanting slogans “Death to Banderites” and “Polack, if you find a Banderite, kill him!” and watch that no one could illegally trespass the border to Poland from Ukraine.

“Poland is bordering with Ukraine and in case of armed invasion it must be ready. It is possible, given the latest developments in Ukraine where radicals have actually stopped obeying their command. As Polish patriots, we announce the start of a regular operation on tracing and exposing Banderites on the border,” members of the Polish organization say.

The patrols say activity of the volunteer militia have been coordinated with the authorities. Divided into two groups, well-trained volunteers, among others, hold forced marches, create bases and transitional surveillance posts to keep in contact with and coordinate the armed patrols.

“In the frontier sectors the potential weak points and possible infiltration of illegal immigrants or militants have been determined.  Valuable data on the start of possible scenarios of provocations by Banderites have been received from residents of Subcarpathian Voivodeship,” the Falanga representatives said.

They think that the Right Sector militants have already penetrated into the territory of Poland, as they fled from prosecution of Ukrainian security officers in Zakarpattia. To avoid such cases, the Falanga has created patrols.

Earlier, the Polish experts were concerned that the Right Sector militants escaping from the Zakarpattia police have penetrated into the territory of Poland via the Mount Javornik where they may start criminal and subversive activity, which is a threat to the national security of Poland.

As EADaily reported earlier, almost 20 extremists of the Right Sector  (banned in Russia) opened fire at the police in Mukachevo, Zakarpattia region, on July 11. They also destroyed several police cars and set on fire a road police office and a gas filling station. Four people were killed, ten people were wounded. The prosecutor’s office has qualified the incident as an act of terrorism. In Russia, the Right Sector is banned as an extremist organization. Kiev said the reason of clashes was the attempts to redistribute smuggled goods, mainly cigarettes.  On August 6, Zakarpattia Governor Hennadiy Moskal said that after fire in Mukacheve, nine armed members of the Right Sector are hiding out.

Earlier on August 2, the spokesperson of the Right Sector’s 13th battalion Alexei Byk said  the militants that participated in the armed conflict in Mukacheve on July 11-12 are in a safe place.

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