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As many as 15 hospitalized after protests in Yerevan

Prosecutor General’s Office of Armenia has announced that a criminal case was filed based on Article 258 of the Criminal Code of Armenia (hooliganism) over the incidents on the Marshal Baghramyan Ave in Yerevan overnight.

The “No To Robbery” public interest group started a sit-down strike in the city center on June 22 protesting against rising electricity prices in the country.   Earlier in the morning on June 23, the police dispersed the protesters using water cannons. Some people in civilian clothes joined the police ‘special operation’ to disperse the protest. They acted quite violently, attacking journalists, seizing cameras and other data storage devices. Reportedly, the police detained 237 people.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Investigation Committee has set up a group of 20 investigators. The law-enforcers have already interrogated 40 detainees. Forensic examinations will be conducted.

The Health Ministry, in turn, reports that “25 people asked for medical assistance early in the morning on June 23” during the rally, 15 of them were sent to hospital.   

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