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Ukraine reinforcing border with Moldova for fear of “Russia’s provocations”

Ukraine’s government says the border with Moldova and Russia will be reinforced during the May holidays. The Police, National Guard, and Frontier Service will shift to robust security regime for the period of May holidays from late April through May 9.

The main forces will be focused on detention of “pro-Russian persons who will try to penetrate into Ukraine to destabilize the situation, as well as on prevention of illegal import of weapons. Armed reserve forces will be at check-points. Measures have been taken to protect the border with Russia, Moldova and temporarily occupied Crimea,” said Alexander Gura, Director of the Supplies Department for State Frontier Service.

According to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, “provocations are possible during events,” most probably in Odessa where the 4th anniversary of mass killings of civilians in the Trade Unions House will be commemorated on May 2.

As EADaily reported earlier, Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak said he has operative data that special services in Russia “have reanimated the Bessarabia project” in Odessa region and in the region bordering with Moldova. He said Moscow will be trying to destabilize the situation in the context of the former historical Bessarabian region.

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has confirmed that “major threat for Ukraine comes from the Operative Group of Russian Troops” deployed in Transnistria region not controlled by Moldova. In this light, Ukraine supported the stance of Moldovan government comparing Russian peacekeepers with occupation troops and expressed readiness to provide a corridor for their withdrawal.

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