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Knife attack in Russian school: details revealed

Photo: mds.yandex.net

A 17-year-old schoolboy who attends a correction class at School 1 of Sterlitamak city, Bashkiria, has attacked with a knife his classmate and teacher. Then, he spilled some combustible agent and put it on fire. After that he stabbed himself with the knife. A schoolgirl frightened of the fire jumped out of a window on the first floor. Nobody was hurt in the fire. The attacker and his victims were taken to hospital.

The Russian Investigation Committee started criminal proceedings against the attacker. Besides, it is going to check if there were signs of negligence in activities of officials, as previously there were several appeals against the criminal behavior of the teenager.

According to reports in social networks, the girl that jumped out of the window suffered ruptures and a knife wound in the chest. Another schoolgirl also received a knife wound in the chest. Teacher Yekaterina Pershina, who was declared the teacher of the year in 2017 in Sterlitamak, received knife wounds and burns. The attacker reportedly slashed his throat with the knife.

“I saw the teacher standing, she was all in blood. He ran to me, but she started distracting him to herself. Then he chased her,” a classmate of the attacker said.

In the posts of the attacker in social networks there are signs of his planning the attack for several months. Asked what he was doing at some moment, he replied: “I am preparing to people massacre.”

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