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Ukrainian political analyst: Poroshenko met with Merkel for nothing

Meeting of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to be useless, says Ukrainian political analyst Alexander Semchenko.

“Merkel made no precise, articulate statements on Ukraine,” PolitNavigator quotes the expert as saying.

He said Merkel made clear statements only on Syria and chemical attack on Eastern Gouta. As regards Ukraine, Donbass, the wordings were vague, particularly those related to peacekeepers. Even the statement on Nord Stream-2 on the need to reckon with Ukraine’s interests as a transit-country were of declarative nature.

“They asked quite specific question – what model of peacekeeping do the meeting participants weigh, and Poroshenko gave a specific answer and turned it over to Merkel, who said that the sides should agree and interests of all sides should be taken into account, as well as that the issue needs elaboration.

Broadly speaking, I see no special results from the visit for Poroshenko. Merkel did not confirm his stances on any issue. Poroshenko travelled for nothing. Nevertheless, she is quite accurate in her statements on Ukraine and does not support either party,” Semchenko said.

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