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French Ambassador: Raiders attack our companies in Ukraine

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont has told journalists that French investors regularly face corruption in Ukraine and this causes serious concerns.

The diplomat says French companies face manifestations of bribery and even raider attacks, they report such cases to the Embassy and the business ombudsman. “This is the issue that we address every day, along with members of the Ukrainian government,' Vesti-Ukraine quotes the diplomat as saying.

In her words, Ukrainian government even denies existence of raiders and during trials judges often support raiders, which cannot but undermine confidence of investors.

Raids have become quite common in Ukraine and media covers just egregious cases sparking public outcry.

According to Ukrainian mass media, a group of raiders attacked a private house in Kiev-Svyatoshinsk region to evict the residents a few days ago. No one was at home except a 11-year-old girl having heart disease. She was kicked out to the street.

Another much talked-of incident happened on March 26 in Kiev, where raiders murdered an activist of a fishing sector NGO Nikolay Yarema, who was on night watch at Svyatoshinsky Lake Base No.15.

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