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23 British diplomats declared personas non grata in Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry has declared 23 diplomatic officials of the UK Embassy personas non grata and urged them to leave the country within a week, the press office of the ministry reports.

As they say at the ministry, UK Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow was summoned to the Russian foreign ministry and given a note on decisions taken in response to provocative actions of the British side and evidence-free accusations of Russia in connection with the incident in Salisbury.

“23 diplomatic officials of the UK Embassy in Moscow are declared personas non grata and are to leave the country within a week,” the statement runs.

Besides, Russia withdraws its consent for opening and functioning of a UK Consulate General in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, the British Council is to suspend its activities in Russia “due to the unsettled status.”

“The British side is warned that in case they continue taking unfriendly actions against Russia, the Russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures,” they at the ministry said.

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