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Armenian prime minister declined to comment on his political future

Armenia’s Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan thinks it is too early to discuss who will head the government after April 2018, when President Serzh Sargsyan’s second term is to be completed.

Answering a question at a news conference in Yerevan if there is a kind of agreement between him and Sargsyan about a possible job swap between them, Karapetyan said there was no sense speaking of any agreements.

Previously, Armenian media reported that Sargsyan proposed to Karapetyan take the post of deputy prime minister after April 2018 and allegedly almost the whole cabinet, the financial, economic and social ministries will be under his command. Sargsyan is reportedly going to take the post of prime minister and be overseeing politics and security issues. In accordance with the new constitution and switching to the parliamentary system of governance, key powers are submitted to the prime minister.

Meanwhile, Karapetyan announced today that a candidature for the prime minister’s post is to be nominated by the ruling Republican Party. “We have not discussed who it will be, there is no sense speaking of any agreements,” he noted.

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