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In Romania, they say Moldova has no history

Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniță has responded to Moldovan President Igor Dodon’s statement urging return of Moldovan history as school subject to replace currently taught “History of Romanians.”

“History of what country he is speaking about?” Ioniță said. The diplomat is sure that “those who do not know their history will have to repeat its mistakes” and that history should be written by historians, not politicians.

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“When you speak about history of Moldova, it is not clear to me whether you mean history of the Republic of Moldova, a young country, or history of Principality of Moldavia, which is quite different thing,” Ioniță said.

The Moldovan president put the issue of returning the history of Moldova as school subject to the referendum set for September 24. According to public opinion polls, majority of the citizens support the president’s initiative.

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Published on July 17th, 2017 12:09 PM
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