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Kosovo may again turn into Europe’s key problem

The Kosovo issue has long ago disappeared from European headlines. For many, it seems like the things in the region have become stable and took the path of political negotiations. However, there still many significant contradictions in the Serbian region of Kosovo and Metohija that declared independence in 2008. Most of these contradictions are out of the international law framework. Moreover, in the years of “independence” Kosovo being supported by western countries has turned into a pus abscess of not only the Balkans, but Europe in general. Human trafficking and organ trade, drug and arms trafficking are a usual thing here, as well as training of terrorists. All this is done with the connivance of the EU and U.S.; and it looks like they are quite satisfied with the situation.

The fact that Kosovo remains one of tools of western diplomacy to straight-jacket Serbia was known long ago. A recent visit of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to Belgrade and then to Pristina and her statements that the U.S. has been active promoting dialog between Serbia and Kosovo have once again confirmed that Washington has no interest in resolving the Kosovo issue. Americans and Europeans do not only turn their blind eye to things going on in Kosovo now, but moreover they do not want to listen to any arguments presented by Serbs to justify their claims for the territory.

Everybody does comprehend that only a political self-killer or a person fully controlled by western secret services might take a decision on Serbia’ recognition of Kosmet, because for Serbs Kosovo and Metohija are still inalienable part of their country and history. Well, this poses absolutely no interest to the West, just like the question what the reality in the area is. The situation, however, is close to a critical stage.

The current position in Kosovo (which has been recently recognized by another “major” power in the world, the Republic of Suriname) is extremely unstable; the problems of recent years have not disappeared, they got even worse. Today, Kosmet has turned into one of major supplier of fighters for terror organizations. It is a known fact that the self-proclaimed Kosovo has given more members to radical Islamic groups in Middle East comparing proportionally to other countries and even official statistics states the situation is worsening. For instance, not long ago, Kosovan Interior Minister Skender Hyseni announced that about 70 Kosovo citizens are taking part in military actions in Iraq and Syria fighting for ISIS (the organization is banned in Russia - EADaily). Meanwhile, the ISIS is continuing recruiting people through mosques, NGOs and training programs mostly financed by the government of Saudi Arabia (there are more than 800 mosques in Kosovo, 240 of them were built after the collapse of Yugoslavia with the Saudi financial assistance). All this results in the fact that Kosovo is one of key suppliers of ISIS fighters, while terrorists do feel comfortable here. Moreover, several participants of the recent coup in Turkey reportedly were trained at NATO Bondsteel base, and the most high-ranking Turkish army officer Gen. Adem Huduti was born in Rečane, not far from Prizreni.

All those mentioned does not make Kosovo a successful state, as not political authorities, but terrorists, drug lords, NATO officers and secret services officers are ruling here. In addition, the regional economic is inoperative, while Kosovans can hardly wait when the EU will grant them a visa-free regime (more than 800,000 Kosovans are already in the EU), it turns out that the EU and U.S. policies of recent years did no good to the territory. It did neither to the EU which in case it grants a visa-free regime will face inflow of migrants not only from Middle East, but also of extremists from Kosovo and terrorists recruited by ISIS.

In all fairness it must be said that numerous decisions taken by the EU regarding Kosovo are driven not by European, but by American interests. The U.S. for which the threat of Kosovan extremists is insignificant, does not mind making the situation in the Balkans and Europe more tense, as the “divide et impera” principle has not disappeared from the American foreign policy. Growing problems in the region will sooner or later be used by Washington as a pretext for increasing its military presence in the Balkan Peninsula. It could be done under the pretense of combatting terrorism and “for the name of peace” in the region. On this background, the current situation in Kosovo suits the American interests at best, so nobody will be solving the Kosovo issue in the West in the near future.

In the long run, it should be noted that the Kosovo problem remains one of the most vital issues in today’s international relations. It is inextricably connected with the confrontation of the western world and Russia, terrorism, drug trafficking and other global challenges. Unfortunately, they in Brussels still do not comprehend that that the attempts to establish a bandit state near Serbia is fraught with very serious consequences for the whole Europe. Kosovans who are becoming poorer and poorer year by year, trying to find consolation in radical Islam that is finally aimed against western countries as well. So, the European Union that is trying to make things worse for Serbia and for Russia will cook its own goose. It is highly probable that Kosovo will soon bear nasty surprises to Europeans. The matter is if Europe will change its mind after that or will stubbornly continue conniving at the festering wound in its soft underbelly which can contaminate the whole continent.

Yuri Pavlovets for EADaily

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