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Igor Korotchenko: Nemtsov’s report is just a malicious Ukrainian insinuation

The so-called Nemtsov’s report is just another Ukrainian fake aimed at manipulating the public opinion, Chief Editor of National Defense magazine (Russia) Igor Korotchenko has told EADaily .

Published on May 12, the report by the killed leader of RPR-Parnas party Boris Nemtsov says that as many as 150 Russian soldiers were killed in the battles near Ilovaysk and no fewer than 70 ones were killed near Debaltsevo. The report also says that the relatives of the killed were given 2mn RUR apiece for promise not to make public the details. The report was published by members of Nemtsov’s party Ilya Yashin and Olga Shorina.

“Nemtsov pulled this all out of a hat. Now that he is dead, some oppositionists are just trying to become popular by spreading such allegations, but there is no single fact that can prove their words. This is just one more malicious Ukrainian insinuation,” Korotchenko said.

He said that some time ago Yashin visited Kiev. “So, it is obvious that this report comes from Ukraine’s Security Service. The price of this report is similar to the price of Poroshenko’s pledges that he is ready to settle the conflict in Donbass peacefully,” Korotchenko said.

“They might have as well reported 20,000 killed Russian soldiers. There are no facts that can prove this. And we all know the political price of Yashin. He is known for his wish to make a political and economic fortune. So, this report is just another fake,” Korotchenko said.

The 64-page “Putin. War” report is Nemtsov’s testimonies about events in Ukraine. Killed on Feb 27, Nemtsov was planning to disseminate the report in the streets so as to let people know that it was Putin who started the war in Ukraine. “This is the only way for us to stop the ongoing propaganda,” Nemtsov is quoted as saying in his work. His comrades are now raising funds for publishing the report.

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