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Ukraine started looking like patchwork: Kiev political analyst

Andrey Zolotaryov. Photo: golos.ua

The map of electoral attitudes in Ukraine has started resembling a patchwork, the head of the Third Sector Information and Analysis Center Andrey Zolotaryov has said at a news conference in Kiev.

The expert drew attention to outcomes of recent polls in Ukraine, where a dramatically different electoral situation has been fixed. The country is not divided into macro-regions South-East, West, Center, North, that used to have their single opinions on various problems.

“Even in neighboring regions, the situation can change significantly. If, say, in Kherson Region Zelensky takes the second position [in the rating], in Kirovograd Region we see that Vakarchuk is in the lead. Such moments do show that the political map, the map of electoral attitudes resembles a patchwork today. And it is extremely difficult to forecast for a year how thing will develop; I would rather not take such responsibility,” he stressed.

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