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Ukrainian MP: Instead of Javelins we see declarations only

Dmytro Tymchuk. Photo: telegraf.com.ua

Despite all the statements of the West about its support for Kiev, Ukraine is still left without military assistance of its partners, Ukrainian MP, member of the Supreme Rada Committee for National Security and Defense Dmytro Tymchuk has announced on air of the Radio Liberty.

The anchor of the show asked the MP about supplies of the US Javelin missiles to Ukraine. Tymchuk responded that, unfortunately, like four years ago, Kiev still remains face-to-face in its counteraction “to the Russian aggression.”

“The Ukrainian defense ministry persuades us that we shall have everything as scheduled, but when the time will come nobody knows. I think that supplies of lethal weapons have shown that the West is ready to help Ukraine not only through economy with the help of the sanctions, not only on the political level through various declarations, but in the military political field as well. Such supplies would mean that we receive military assistance from the West, and this would have been a very bothering signal for the Kremlin. But we haven’t seen this yet. Truly, like four years ago, we are left alone in the face of the Russian aggression,” Dmytro Tymchuk announced.

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