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Estonian MP: the West meddled rudely in Russian presidential election

Heimar Lenk. Фото: err.ee.

MP from the Estonian coalition Center Party Heimar Lenk believes that Western countries meddled rudely in the presidential election in Russia, err.ee reports. According to Lenk, release of The Death of Stalin movie can be treated as a sign of this interference.

Speaking on air of Vikerraadio, Lenk said that despite the fact that Russia is being accused in interference in the presidential campaign in the United States, there has been provided no evidence of it.

“I can tell you, Margus (he is addressing another participant of the talks, MP Margus Tsahkna - EADaily) that the Western world relentlessly interfered in the presidential campaign in Russia. Look at what they did! They shoot the film ‘The Death of Stalin’. It is aimed against the current regime (in Russia - EADaily). It is an undoubtful interference in the pre-election atmosphere that made people think of it. This measure played down the authority of the election,” Lenk said.

Margus Tsahkna responded that thus Heimar Lenk unwillingly revealed what he was thinking in reality. “You know, Heimar, this was your most honest acknowledgement: if Western countries condemn the Stalin regime, this means we interfere in the current election. You have been caught the most awful way. You compared Putin and Stalin in a positive way,” Tsahkna noted.

Lenk added that it was not enough evidence for him in the allegations that Russia masterminded the chemical attack in Salisbury. According to him, had Tallinn not joined the West’s actions to expel Russian diplomats, this step could have opened a new page in the Russian-Estonian relations. “Estonia could have blinked on the world map saying that, probably, one needs to re-arrange the world. And now, our political relations with Russia are frozen, and nobody wins of it,” the member of the Center Party believes.

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