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Moldavian opposition against amendments to Electoral Code

Renato Usatii

The Moldavian opposition announces resumption of protests after the country celebrates Independence Day on August 27, according of Renato Usatii, leader of Our Party.

Usatii left a post on Facebook explaining why he supports the idea of mass assemblies. In his words, Vladimir Plahotniuc, a local oligarch, First Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM), seeks to amend the Electoral Code after the presidential election and introduce a mixed system of election to the parliament. Our Party believes that Plahotniuc seeks to maintain his influence in the country.

“Plahotniuc will declare that after long consultations with the people, it became clear that they want to have their representatives in the parliament. Therefore, a mixed system will be introduced after the presidential election. Half of the 101 parliamentarians will be elected by the single-mandate constituencies. Plahotniuc seeks to get 10 seats for the Party list and another 30 from the single-mandate districts on the example of the local elections when opponents were removed for big money. So, he will have 40 of the total 101 seats in the parliament. Actually, he will seize the country for years to come,” Usatii writes.

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The politician is sure that in 2017 Plahotniuc will provoke snap presidential election. “I am going to discuss the protests for August-September with other opposition parties. We must not wait until Plahotniuc leads us like sheep to the mixed elections,” the leader of Our Party writes for conclusion. So far, Usatii has enlisted the support of the leaders of the Dignity and Truth civic platform who were among the organizers of the protest movement in Moldova.

“We urge the opposition and civic society to participate in mass actions of protest against dictatorship of the criminal group. We believe it reasonable to call for a large-scale protest by all the opposition forces against Plahotniuc’s dictatorship,” says the declaration of political awareness.

EADaily reported earlier that the presidential election in Moldova is set for October 30 2016.

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