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“President of Peace” Poroshenko promises Germany “to fight up to the last ditch”

Photo by novorossia. su

Speaking on the German ZDF TV Channel, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has reaffirmed Kiev’s determination to settle the conflict in the East of Ukraine by force.

“We will not let anyone to come and defeat us by force. We will be fighting for our country up to the last ditch. It is our land, our motherland,” Poroshenko said in an interview with ZDF on May 13.
The Ukrainian leader as usually blamed the self-defense forces for breaching the ceasefire, Russia - for aggression. He called the situation in Donbass after the Minsk agreements a “pseudo-ceasefire” for which Ukraine is paying a very high price. Alarmed at the Ukrainian president’s inflammatory rhetoric, the German journalist interrupted the guest pointing at Germany’s concern over Poroshenko’s intention to regain Donetsk and the Donetsk Airport.

“I must say that you, Mr. President, add fuel to the flame by saying that you are going to regain Donetsk. The German Government is very much concerned about your statement,” the journalist said.

In response, Poroshenko recommended the journalist not to read the Russian newspapers. “Mr. Klaus, I am grateful to you for your comment, but I’d recommend you abstain from reading Russian newspapers. It is the only source of such absurd information. I am the president of peace. Ukraine is strongly committed to the Minsk agreements. We, certainly, observed the ceasefire and pulled back the heavy weapons. I reiterate that we do not see a military solution to the conflict,” the Ukrainian leader said.

EADaily reported earlier that Poroshenko announced his intention to regain the Donetsk Airport when addressing the Ukrainian military. That statement is available on the president’s website. On April 30, speaking on the Ukrainian television, Poroshenko said his country will be fighting until it brings back Donbass and Crimea. “The war will end when Ukraine brings back Donbass and Crimea,” Poroshenko said. “How long will it take? It will take as long as necessary. Sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of our Motherland are the highest priorities.” He said Ukraine will show a hardline policy on that issue.

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