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Moldovan parliament speaker: Dodon’s impeachment is a costly affair

The Parliament of Moldova sees good reasons to impeach President Igor Dodon, parliament speaker Andrian Candu said referring to “numerous violations of the constitution made by” the president.

“Violation of the constitution by Igor Dodon may become a reason for the parliament to initiate impeachment procedure,” he said.

So far, Candu said, the parliament refrains from launching such a long, expensive procedure that implies confrontation with the president and may prompt a political crisis.

He said the procedure requires setting up an investigation commission to gather experts, witnesses and proofs to prepare a case demonstrating that President Dodon violated the law or constitution. This is implementable. The case shall be submitted to the Constitutional Court, which will approve the future impeachment procedure.

“Afterwards, by decision of the qualified parliamentary majority, President Dodon will be removed from power and a referendum shall be organized within 30 days after impeachment. The parliament is authorized to remove him from power for 30 days, afterwards a nation-wide referendum shall be held for those who elected Dodon to dismiss him,” Candu elaborated. He said the referendum implies an election campaign on the budget funds.

“Actually, we will give President Dodon a chance to come out as a victim to some extent, and will launch election campaign. We do not need this. This will ruin us politically. We do not want political confrontation, since we need to remain sober for the confrontation during the parliamentary elections of 2018,” the parliament speaker said.

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