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Moldovan socialists to initiate motion of no confidence to government

The parliamentary faction of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) has prepared a motion demanding resignation of Pavel Filip’s government, Igor Dodon, the PSMR Chairman, said on April 21.

“At today’s session of the parliament, we talked to representatives of several factions about the Socialists’ motion of no-confidence to Filip’s government. Our goal is to get that motion registered immediately after the Easter holidays, on May 10-11,” Dodon said.

He said the Socialists held a series of consultation on the given issue with the factions of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) and the Liberal Democrats Party of Moldova (LDPM).  The Communists have already confirmed their readiness to support the vote of no confidence at the parliament hearings.

“I think at least 40 opposition parliamentarians will sign the motion. Like most of the country’s citizen, we insist that snap parliamentary elections are held along with the presidential one.  The promptest and legal way to achieve this is resignation of the government by late May.  Everything will depend on the public pressure, on the protests that will be held as early as this weekend and in May too,” Igor Dodon said.

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Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu said, “The Socialists need to mention clearly the reasons why they demand resignation of the Cabinet.”

Candu said he will take the motion of the PSRM seriously if they enclose a program of activity of the new government and the list of the ministers of the new Cabinet to their vote on no-confidence to the incumbent government, according to Newsmaker news agency.

Under the Moldovan laws, at least 26 parliamentarians are required to join the motion of no confidence.  The parliamentary factions of PSRM and PCRM comprise 31 parliamentarians. At least 51 votes are needed to approve the vote of no confidence.

As EADaily reported earlier, The Dignity and Truth Platform Party will conduct an anti-governmental rally in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau on April 24.  Leader of another opposition force Our Party Renato Usatii announced similar anti-governmental rally to demand government’s resignation and snap elections. The Party of Socialists that was previously protesting together with the Civic Platform and Our Party plans to launch independent mass protests against the incumbent authorities that “have seized the state.”

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