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Poroshenko: We will fight until we get back Donbass and Crimea

Ukraine will continue to fight until its gets back Donbass and Crimea, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told STB TV on Apr 30.

“The war will end only when Ukraine gets back Donbass and Crimea. How much time will this take? As much as necessary. Sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence are our top priorities. So, we will be unyielding,” Poroshenko said.

He gave several examples of continuous wars. “For many decades already South Korea has been at war with its northern neighbor. Israel has been in the state of war for over 30 years,” the Ukrainian President said.

As you may know, no more war in the east of Ukraine was one of the key slogans of Poroshenko’s electoral campaign. In mid Apr 2014 Kyiv launched a war against own citizens in the east of Ukraine just because they were displeased with the new nationalist regime. As many as 6,116 have been killed since then, according to a UN report. Some 15.574 people have been wounded.

On Feb 15, the sides agreed to cease fire. But on Apr 28 Poroshenko said that the war might resume at any moment.

Crimea joined Russia as a result of a nationwide referendum in Mar 2014. Over 96% of the population voted for joining Russia. Kyiv refused to recognize the results of the voting and regards Crimea as a Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. 

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