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WADA whistleblower Rodchenkov discards some doping claims against Russia

“I have never given ‘Duchess’ doping cocktail to anyone and I haven’t seen how Russian athletes handed in “clear” urine samples to replace the “dirty” doping tests,” Grigory Rodchenkov, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) whistleblower said during hearings at the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS).

Actually, he retreated from his previously made accusations against Russian athletes. Rodchenkov said he did not give that mixture of alcohol and doping to any athlete from Russia, and did not see anyone drinking it or being instructed to use it. At the same time, he refused to provide the recipe of the doping cocktail.

Rodchenkov said he does not know who and how reported the numbers of doping tests of athletes to Irina Rodionova during Olympic Games in Sochi, who allegedly controlled distribution of doping cocktails to Russian athletes.

In an interview to Gazeta.ru, Russian parliamentarian and ex-boxer Nikolay Valuyev commented on Rodchenkov’s statements: “Despite all these statements, I think the most important is that all them have retreated from their accusations against Russia concerning alleged system of doping support at the government level in the country.”

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