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Moldovan parliament chair: EU is tired of attempts to integrate the country

Andrian Candu

The Chair of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu believes that Chisinau’s relations with the European Union contain “no enthusiasm or openness that were five-ten years ago.”

“These are very pragmatic relations. At present moment, the cooperation between Moldova and the EU is based on results. If there is a result, there is a reward. There are certain conditions. But these are not conditions off the mark, but conditions based on reforms that need to be carried out and that concern the Association Agreement. If we show results, we will have the assistance for implementing the reforms,” Candu said.

According to him, the authorities would like to see a clear perspective on joining the EU, on the other hand, they do comprehend that mistakes made by the Moldovan leadership in recent five years influenced the relations with the EU.

Candu believes that the European partners show much caution and are more closely watching the mistakes the government is making: “Let’s be honest: the Chisinau authorities and the pro-European parties were mistaken and paid for those mistakes.”

The chair of the parliament says that internal conflicts and disagreements are no less a problem for Moldova’s integration into the EU.

“I am dissatisfied with the fact that the European Union is a bit tired of the processes in some countries and certain European and global context. The European Union, in particular, several directorates are tired of internal problems they are facing in society, starting from migration, security issues, financial and banking crises,” Andrian Candu said.

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