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In Belgrade they fear instability in Macedonia may spill over into other Balkan states

Today, on May 12, thousands took to the streets in Skopje, Macedonia, to pay tribute to the police officers that were killed when repelling the assault of Albanian militants from Kosovo on Kumanovo, in the north of Macedonia, a few days ago.

People bring flowers and candles to the government building. The participants in the action say they want to show that the citizens of Macedonia are united despite their ethnic affiliation.

As EADaily reported earlier, 8 police officers and 14 militants (that proved ethnic Albanians) were killed in gunfire and expositions that lasted for many hours. It has turned out that the militants were fulfilling the orders from Kosovo.

Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister of Serbia, said in an interview with Euronews Belgrade stands ready to do everything necessary to help Macedonians overcome their current problems.  “The most important issue for all of us is the ongoing disturbances and instability in Macedonia that may spill over into other regions of the Western Balkans,” the Serbian prime minister said.

Albanians account for about one-fourth of Macedonia's population of 2 million. Albanian extremists from Kosovo demand establishment of an Albanian state on a part of Macedonia’s territory and have already enlisted the support of Pristina in it.

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