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Ukrainian economist: “Country driven to incredible impoverishment”

Igor Garbaruk. Photo: rian.com.ua

Volodymyr Groysman, who is Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s man, and his Cabinet of Ministers can make no boast of any achievement, Igor Garbaruk, expert at the Economic Discussion Club, told a press conference in Kiev.

The economist highlights that Groysman has not reported to the parliament, but keeps hyping himself on television, instead.

“The government report was held behind-the-scenes, on ‘Freedom of Speech,’ on ICTV. I listened with patience to that flow of praises and boasting for unclear achievements. I’ve got an impression that people live in a parallel reality, not to mention the state. Let them go outdoors, to the Maidan, to listen to ordinary people and to give explanations to them,” Garbaruk said.

The expert recalled that the only growth recorded during Groysman’s premiership is growth of utility fees.

“We have come to a situation when population “owes” to the government agencies 40 billion hryvnias (just imagine!) under utility bills. The country has been driven to incredible impoverishment,” the expert said.

In his light, the health care system has been ruined completely.

“Even according to data of Ukraine’s State Service of Statistics, the country is on the second place in Europe by the spread of onychopathologies. Cardiovascular diseases is the most common death causes. They have pushed the country over the edge,” Garbaruk said.

In addition, incomes of the population are left far behind price hikes and inflation.

“The government’s achievements are in real inflation rate, not the one State Statistics says, as well as in food prices we see today,” he said.

The government showed 8.1% inflation for last year. Afterwards, State Statistics showed 13.7%, whereas real inflation is several times higher.

They promise 7% inflation this year, amid 145% growth of egg prices, bacon – 76%, pork – 69%, beef – 49%, chicken – 42%. We understand that even official inflation of 26.6% for March 2016 to March 2018 does not correspond to reality,” the expert said.

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