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Only 62% of Tajiks have drinking water and only 60% toilets

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In 2011-2017, the number of people having drinking water in Tajikistan grew from 46.8% to 62.6%, according to Director General of the Housing and Communal Services of Tajikistan Alimurod Islomzoda.

In 2018, this index is supposed to grew by 10%. “We are planning to finalize over 20 projects to develop water supply in Sughd and Khatlon provinces and some regions of republican subordination. The projects are being funded by international organizations,” Islomzoda said.

He added that the total cost of the water supply projects implemented in Tajikistan amounts to $98 million. “Shortly, the World Bank is planning to provide $37 million more for this purpose. But the country needs a total of $2 billion so as to be able to solve this problem,” Islomzoda said.

Earlier EADaily quoted the WB as saying that in Sept 2017, only 58% of Tajiks had access to drinking water: in cities the rate was 80%, in villages 47%.

Only 60% of townsmen in Tajikistan have flush toilets connected to a sewer system. In villages this rate is as low as 1.7%.

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Published on February 13th, 2018 01:52 PM
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