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Putin on USA – North Korea conflict: This spiral should come to an end

A reporter from the Associated Press asked the Russian president whether Russia supports sanctions against North Korea.

“You are interesting guys… Have you paid attention to the fact that your congressmen are good-looking, smart people, but they put us in one line with North Korea and Iran. And now they are pushing the American president towards solving problems with North Korea at our expense. Is it normal? I must say that our policy is free from current political trends. We are trying not to get offended for incomprehensible decisions,” Vladimir Putin responded.

He reminded that Russia does not recognize nuclear status of North Korea. “You came to terms with North Korea in 2005 that it would suspend its nuclear program. Everyone agreed. But several months later it was too little for the United States, they arrested some North Korean bank accounts. Why did you do this? Did it look too little? Why had you signed the agreements then?” Putin asked.

“Then came Libya, Iraq… And now North Korean can reach the United States… This spiral is to be ended. Even if we suppose that the USA strikes North Korea, they will not be able to hit all targets. And for North Korea it is enough to make one strike for the consequences to be disastrous… The USA has already applied nuclear weapons, let me remind of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But then there were no reasons either. Now, Tillerson says he is ready for contacts. It a good sign. If the US acts deriving from common sense, we shall support it,” the Russian president promised.

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