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Dodon: Romania must respect Moldovan state

Chairman of the Party of Socialists of Moldova Igor Dodon

Chairman of the Party of Socialists of Moldova Igor Dodon has sent a letter to President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, where he asks him to make an official comment on the current uproar in Moldovan society.

The Socialists are the biggest political force in Moldova, so, in his letter Dodon speaks on behalf of the Moldovan people. Dodon is worried about the moods of the unionists.

“Recently, I have had dozens of meetings all over the country. I have spoken to hundreds of citizens and all of them were worried about the attempts to ruin the Moldovan state, about the growing activity of unionists in our country,” Dodon says.

He notes that unionists have never been so active and aggressive as they are now. “Recently, they appeared with a road map for annexing Moldova to Romania. All these actions may have quite unpredictable consequences,” Dodon says.

“Such calls are causing nationalist moods in the country and are setting Moldovans against Romanians. In order to prevent such provocations, I am asking the Romanian President to prove that Romania respects the Moldovan state and has no territorial claims against our country. We respect our neighbors and want them to respect us back,” Dodon says.

As EADaily reported earlier, Ana Guţu’s Right Party is calling all the other advocates of Moldovan-Romanian unification to support a single candidate during the forthcoming presidential race. This, according to her, will prove that the number of people supporting the unification is much bigger than the number of those objecting to it.

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