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OSCE, Russia, and Ukraine agree on mine action in Donbass

At the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk, representatives of OSCE, Russia and Ukraine have initialed one more agreement on mine action in Donbass.

“Today, we have make a step towards stronger security regime in line with the Set of Measures on the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements,” Boris Gryzlov, Russia’s Plenipotentiary at the talks in Minsk, said after the meeting.

By March 31, the sides to the conflict in Donbass must provide the designation and map of areas to be cleared.

These destinations are in close proximity to the checkpoint i.e. in the places of entrance and exit of civilians and along the roads leading to these checkpoints, the OSCE representative Martin Sajdik explained.

EADaily reported that the agreement banning field firing exercises in 15-kilometer zone from the engagement line will come into effect on March 4 at midnight by Kiev time. “It applies to weapons of any types and calibers,” Sajdik said.  He hopes the implementation of the given step will help defusing tensions on the engagement line.

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